2021 things

'LINK big textile'', 0.3mm coleto pen on 180lb paper,  18" x 24", 03.02.21

'LINK pink tear', 0.3mm coleto pen on mixed media paper,  18" x 24", 04.03.21

'LINK textile L', 0.3mm coleto pen on mixed media paper, 12" x16", 02.20.21




'LINK drop stitch', extruded acrylic, laser cut + hand linked       03.20.19

'the next dig' group show for Design Week Portland 2019

'the next dig' brought together five designers based in Portland, Oregon, whose work connected traditional craft processes. 

Shown at One Grand Gallery as part of Design Week Portland 2019, each artist created new works showing their relationship to craft and how they distorted, rebelled, re-materialized and respected the traditions that have come before them. Rendered in a medium unique to the artist, the pieces shared a heavy emphasis on materials and the hand-made.

The body of work captured each persons relationship to craft, while creating a capsule to be found in a future worm hole of forgotten searches and digital excavations of #craft. 

'LINK twin stitch', extruded acrylic, laser cut + hand linked       03.16.19




'Big Link' was an exhibition of international contemporary art curated by Kate Mothes, founder of Young Space (yngspc). It was the second exhibition of its kind at Standard Projects, which brought together a diverse selection of work by artists who were exploring ideas of identity, displacement, intimacy, and current events – the ideas that invariably link us together, especially in divisive times. Young Space utilizes the internet to bring together art and artists for projects and exhibitions “in real life,” which emphasize diverse perspectives, artist-led culture, collaboration, and connectivity.

selected work for the 'Big Link' group show curated by Kate Mothes of Young Space.

interlinked rows can be pushed side to side

'supported LINK', extruded acrylic, laser cut + hand linked       08.01.18




define: material poster

define: material

a group show of material studies curated by myself and Karen Lee for Design Week PDX.

'Define: Materials' showcased the relationship designers, artists and makers have with their materials. Whether intended for function or form, there are different paths taken when we interact with materials. The exhibition isolates part of a designer/ artist/ maker’s

process and prompts us to think about our personal definition of the ‘material’. Karen Lee and I curated the week long exhibit at No Coffee Gallery that showcased seven local artists at part of Design Week PDX 2018.

18 friends, artists, creatives, designers and  makers submitted adjectives they use to describe the materials they work with.

Laura Housgard of @shopjohan pouring the perfect @nocoffeeforu brew.

acrylic link in process

The ‘link’ studies I exhibited in the show transformed 2D textile structures into 3D abstract forms.

Tiny loops were magnified, distorted and reproduced on a macro scale. Every structure is engineered as a vector illustration, cut by a plotter, then paper and acrylic loops are interlinked by hand. 

These pieces are like moments in time of textiles under tension, moving from subtle graphics to intricate sculptures as you view them.

'warp LINK', extruded acrylic, laser cut + hand linked                                                                           03.04.18

multiple perspectives of the acrylic links,  suspended in space.

'big LINK', cardstock, cut + hand linked                                                    29.10.17

paper link suspended

special thanks to Karen Lee and Laura Housgard of @shopjohan + @nocoffeeforu




Next.. the pieces that I was developing prior to the exhibits and will explore more soon. 

large format paper sketch

'macro LINK', cardstock, cut + hand linked,                            03.09.17

early skeleton link trials

flash + shadow

'skeleton' link, the 2D surface reads as macro scale textile

vector line art ready to be plotted + cut

'2.1 LINK', cardstock, cut + hand linked.                                   04.06.17

'hand sketched textile', A2 cardstock + pentype a [hi-tec-c ink].                   05.8.16

materials// a2 cardstock + #pentypea [hi-tec-c ink]

'hand sketched textile 1.3', A4 cardstock + pentype a [hi-tec-c ink] 15.9.16



all work + images are my own, unless credited, please reach out if you wish to use them :)

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